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Don't let a missing tooth ruin your beautiful smile; get a state-of-the-art dental bridge by insignia. The dental bridges made by the experts at insignia are made exactly to your specifications and will look natural in your mouth.

  • Various techniques at our disposal

  • Located in Cheadle, serving all of Cheshire & across the Country  

  • State of the art Technologies available

  • Free pick-up and delivery across North West

  • All ceramic bridges are available

  • Direct access to business owners

Why choose insignia?

Our small team of private technicians have a wealth of experience in building quality dental bridges, making them one of the most experienced in the North West.

Call on 0161 428 4009 to get a dental bridge that is right for your patients.

Over 40 years of experience

The bridges are made in house from a range of leading products. This allows us to emulate the appearance of natural dentition recreating the subtle nuances of translucency and surface characteristics.  The form and colour can be individually adjusted to look like your missing tooth, giving you the best possible natural look. If you are looking for crowns instead, check out our page on dental crowns.


Are you worried about your bridge looking awkward?

Restore your smile

Insignia icon State-of-the-art dental bridges

For state-of-the-art dental bridges give us a call on 0161 428 4009.