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Are you looking for dentures that are both functional and also aesthetically pleasing? At insignia we build high-quality dentures using modern technology and materials; our dentures almost look like real teeth without compromising on functionality. Call us on 0161 428 4009 today to get your dentures made.

  • Custom-made dentures

  • Denture repair service

  • Highly experienced team

  • Cosmetic dentures

  • Located in Cheadle

  • Partial and full dentures

Why choose Insignia?

All the dental technicians at insignia are highly qualified and are GDC registered. We are also a member of The Dental Laboratories Association, British Dental Technology and Platinum Program 2012. Give us a call on 0161 428 4009 to book an appointment.

Highly qualified dental technicians

We have been supplying dentures and cosmetic dentures to patients all over Cheshire since 1994. Making us one of the most trusted manufacturers of dentures in the area. Contact us a call to discuss your denture requirements.

The denture experts of Cheadle

High-quality and custom-made dentures

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For dentures that are aesthetically designed and durable, call us on 0161 428 4009.

Durable dentures